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Hospital Furniture Wireless EMG - Completely Wireless EMG Unit Hospital Bed
Wireless EMG - Completely Wireless EMG Unit

The unit is essentially fast and easy to attach with no belts. It offers easy collection and export of high quality data.
The patient offers total freedom of movement and total flexibility for measurements.

Applications :
» Movement analysis research
» Rehabilitation
» Ergonomics
» Sport science
» Neurological studies
» Infant research
» Neurological studies
» Teaching
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Manual Bed EMG with NCV (Indian) (PHC) Electrical Bed
EMG with NCV (Indian)


Features :
» Operating System Windows � 98/ME/XP
» Auto Summary Report
» Real time data Storage& review facilities
» Inbuilt Picture Nerve Anatomy
» Auto & Manual MUPs selection for analysis
» Auto Latency & Amplitude marking

- Spontaneous
- Interference
- Motor Unit Potential
- Turn/ Amplitude Analysis
- Power Spectrum

- Motor Nerve Conduction Studies
- Sensory Nerve Conduction Studies
- F-Wave, H-Reflex, Blink Reflex
- Repetitive Stimulation/ Myasthenia
- Refractory Period

- Somatosensory Evoked Potential
- Auditory Evoked Potential
- Visual Evoked Potential
- Channels 1, 2 or 4
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Hospital Bed EMG Biofeedback System Icu beds
EMG Biofeedback System

YSY Stim 2 Channel EMG Bio Feed Back With Stimulator Also available in 4 channel

» 2 EMG channels with biofeedback acquisition up to 10000�V
» 3 different Biofeedback software
» Quantitive evaluation with cursors
» Negative Biofeedback
» Pre-set up work models and personalized creation
» Pre-set treatments and protocols included classified by pathologies
» Acquisition values display
» Automatic Stimulation with threshold
» Parameters modification during the session

» 2 Generators completely independent (intensity + current)
» Rectangular biphasic and ponophasic currents
Interferential Current
» Programs pre-set up by pathologies (Urogynaecology, Proctology, Rhumatology, Traumatology, Physiotherapy)
» Personalized programs creation
» Modifiables slopes from 0 up to 100%
» Modulation (frequency and pulse)
» Alternate or simultaneous stimulation

» Patient files management with historical of all sessions
» Urogynaecological/Proctologic assessments (begin and end of treatments)
» Automatic reload of last saved parameters
» Anatomical boards with details
» Stimulation/Biofeedback combined
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