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Hospital Furniture Shortwave Diathermy 500W (PHC) Electrical Bed
Shortwave Diathermy 500W

Download Brochure: Shortwave Diathermy 500W
Standard Accessories: Pad Electrodes

Standard Accessories:
1. One pair Pad Electrodest
2. one pair cables
3. 1 spare fuse

Detailed Specifications:
a. Operating voltage 220v ac.
b. With step up meter for control of valve voltage
c. Fitted on four wheel for movement
d. With display meter
e. Out put 0 to 500W in continuous
f. Operating frequency 27.12 MHz
g. RF power source Vacuum generating valve

Also available: Shortwave Diathermy (PULSED/CONTINUOUS)
Accessories: Pad Electrode / Disc Electrodes
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Full-Fowler Bed
Child beds Shortwave Diathermy (Megapulse Senior 265) (PHC) Orthopedic beds
Shortwave Diathermy (Megapulse Senior 265)

» 1000W pulsed and 400W continuous maximum power output
» Back-lit display with clear operational information
» On-screen display for quick set-up
» 10 programmable memory functions
» New and distinctive ergonomic design with rugged, lockable castors
» Wide range of pulse widths (20-400�s) and pulse frequencies (5-800 pulses per second)
» Up to 30 minutes treatment time
» Choice of output modes: continuous or pulsed 1 in 3, 2 in 3 and 3 in 3
» Complete with durable electrode arms and two 100mm capacitive electrodes
» Easy to use treatment guide and output tester also supplied

Technical Specification:
» POWER INPUT : 100-240 Vac, 1kVA max, 50/60Hz
» SIZE : 470x470x940mm
» WEIGHT : 38kg
» FREQUENCY : 27.12MHz
» OUTPUT POWER : Pulsed 1000W peak power max
» CONTINUOUS : 400W max
» OUTPUT MODES : Continuous, pulsed 3 in 3, 2 in 3 and 1 in 3
» CLASSIFICATION : Class 1 Type BF (EN60601-1)
» PULSE WIDTH : 20-400 �s
» PULSE REPITITION RATE : 5-800 pulses per second
» TIMER : 0-30 minutes with alarm
» TUNING : Automatic
» DISPLAY : LCD (graphic 320x240)
» TREATMENT PROGRAMMES : 10 user-defined set-ups
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Manual Beds Microwave Diathermy (250W-1600W) Electrical Beds
Microwave Diathermy (250W-1600W)

» Unique Smart memory card as personalised patient card
  � Graphic 320 x 240 DPI LCD Display
  � Memorised programmes
  � Protocols for memorisation
  � Smart card with wide range of protocols to memorise

» Continuous and Pulsed radiation
» Maximum power : 250 watts (Continuous mode) | Above 1600 watts in Pulsed mode
» INTEGRATED serial controller
» Upto 100 preset protocols and 100 work cycles for patient
» Smart card to recall and use the stored protocols at any point
» Fast selection and control with encoder
» Facility (Optional) to upgrade the equipment through website/smart card
» Double safety control with alarm in case of overheating
» Exclusive protection system to increase the life of magnetron
» Diagnostic test to check functioning of the unit
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Hospital Furniture TENS 2 Channel Hospital Beds
TENS 2 Channel

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Icu beds Digital TENS 4 Channel Obstetric beds
Digital TENS 4 Channel

Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulator

» Light weight model / Adjustable Timer
» Output modes: Continuous, Modulated Burst
» Operating Voltage: 9V DC battery OR 220V AC
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Child beds
Emergency Trolley Muscle Stimulator Bedside Cabinet
Muscle Stimulator

Download Brochure: Muscle Stimulator
With Faradic and Galvanic types of current with variable Pulse width
Pulse duration, rest period, timer, intensity control, Buzzer,
Facility to plot SD Curve and Ionotophoresis
Treatment mode: Faradic, Surged faradic, Galvanic
Interrupted Galvanic: Variable frequency for Interrupted Galvanic
Output adjustable, Digital Model

The technical details of the available modes are as follows:

(a) Galvanic Current: It is a pure direct current (DC) as a result from rectification and filtration of the alternating current from the mains supply. The main indication is stimulation of the denervated muscle ion transfer.

(b) Interrupted Galvanic Current: Galvanic current is reduced to zero suddenly from its set speak value electronically. This is used for the diagnosis and the extent of muscle lesion. Low skin resistance should be maintained with saline water/electrode gel.

(c) Faradic Current: Pulses generated are of short duration. Tetanic muscles contraction and muscle fatigue is achieved in short duration keeping in view the low pulse rate.

(d) Surged Faradic Current: The pulses are surged. Peak tetanizing can be reached within seconds. The action is similar to voluntary contraction.
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Manual Beds
Full-Fowler Bed Pocket Muscle Stimulator Orthopedic beds
Pocket Muscle Stimulator

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Electrical Bed
Hospital Furniture Traction Machine Hospital Bed
Traction Machine

For treatment of Pelvic, Cervical, Lumbar and Upper Dorsal regions Modern electromechanical system that is used in the treatment of disorders. It eliminates the pulleys and the cumbersome weights of the old model. Electronic circuitry ensures that the system is easily programmed and a choice of either static or intermittent traction is provided. The total therapy time, HOLD and REST times can be easily programmed. Adjustable, single size PELVIC and THORACIC belts and the head halter fit all the patients, both adults and children.
Special features:
» Solid state circuitry / Digital Timer (0-30 min)
» Patient safety switch Metal moulded gear box
» Treatment mode: Static and Intermittent With PATIENT SAFETY SWITCH (REMOTE)
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Icu beds Interferential Therapy (Indian) Obstetric beds
Interferential Therapy (Indian)

Download Brochure: Interferential Therapy (Indian)
» Unique sweep programmes

» Rotating Multi vector scale facility
» 2Pole linear, 4Pole linear, 4PoleTrapezoidal
» and 4Pole non-linear
» Choice of two sweep time and vector time
» Therapy form: 4 Pole, 4 Pole Vector, 2Pole
» Carrier frequency: 4 and 2 KHz
» Base AMF; 0-150 Hz Continuously adjustable
» Sweep MF; 0-100 Hz Continuously adjustable
» Sweep programmes: 3 positions-
» Rectangular 1/1 s
» Trapezoid: 1/5c/5s
» Linear: 6/6
» Intensity control: 0-1000 mA
» Continuously adjustable
» Indicating the peak value of real patient current With 0-30 digital timer
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Emergency Trolley Interferential Therapy (Imported) Bedside Cabinet
Interferential Therapy (Imported)


Specific Characteristics:
Graphic 320 x 240 DPI LCD Display
16 bit microprocessor
100 memorised programmes
200 protocols for memorisation
Smart card with 200 protocols to memorise

� Facility to upgrade the equipment through website/smart card
� Medium and low frequency Output current
� TENS-2 phase - Interferential,Classic,Isoplanary,Vectorial,
� Twin pole stimulation and Kotz-Ionophoresis for
� Galvanic : continuous, interrupted, mf, monophase, diphase
� Pulse : rectangular, triangular, trabert
� Faradic : rectangular, triangular, neodynamic
� Medium frequency Wave forms

Detailed Specifications:
» Double delay type (T) mains fuse protection 315mA-T
» Backlit LCD display to view and check the operating parameters Graphics 320x240 DPI
» Programmable treatment time 1-99 minutes
» Operation Constant voltage/ Constant current
» Creation of the Rheobase and Chronaxie Intensity/Time curve
» Interferential currents Up to 8,000 Hz
» High voltage currents 500 V
» Micro-currents ��
» Ionophoresis direct currents Limited to 50 mA
» Diadynamic currents Limited to 70 mA
» Peak currents with other waveforms 120 mA
» Peak power 100 V
» Independent output channels 2
» Stored protocols 100
» Storable protocols in the internal memory 200
» Storable I/T curve diagnoses 100
» Protocols in sequence that can be stored 10
» Storable protocols in Smart Card 80
   (50 programs)
   (20 I/T curve diagnoses)
   (10 protocols in sequence)
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Child beds Interferential Therapy LCD Model Orthopedic beds
Interferential Therapy LCD Model

Download Brochure: Interferential Therapy LCD Model

» Power Supply �230 VAC, 50-60Hz � 10%
» Absorbed Power Maximum � 40VA

» Mains fuse protection - 2Amp
» Backlit LCD display to view and check the operating parameters
» Programmable treatment time 0-30 minutes
» Interferential currents Up to 4,000 -4250 Hz
» Independent output channels 1 for IFT, 1 for MST & TENS Combined
» Total Programmes: 40
» IFT Programmes: 18
» MST Porgrammes: 19
» TENS Programes 03
» Feather- Touch control switch for programme selecting
» Port Controller for continuously adjustable Base, Sweep and Intensity
» Buzzer Control for safety

WAVE FORMS FOR IFT: Triangle, Square, Trapezoidal

MODES: 2 Pole, 4Pole & 4 Pole Vector

� Galvanic
� Interrupted Galvanic
� Faradic
� Surged Faradic
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Full-Fowler Bed Ultrasound Therapy Unit Manual Bed
Ultrasound Therapy Unit

Download Brochure: Ultrasound Therapy Unit
» Digital control circuitry / Digital timer up to 15 min
» Output power 15W (Continuous), 21W (Pulsed)
» Output frequency 1 MHz
» Pulse Frequency and ratio: 100 Hz; 1:2, 1:4, 1:8, 1:16
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Electrical Bed Ultrasonic 1300 Hospital Furniture
Ultrasonic 1300

Ultrasonic 1300 (PHC)

Thanks to the advanced technology, the device has the facility of Up gradations regarding any function available in future. The probe has been redesigned to provide maximum performance Complete protection for the operator�s hands.
Specific Characteristics:

» Graphic 6� LCD TFT b/w display
» Smart cards 64 k bit memory
» 16 bit microprocessor
» 200 protocols stored in memory
» 200 storable protocols
» Continuous & Pulsed function mode
» Frequency 1 & 3 MHz
» Power adjustable from 0.1 to 3 W/cm2
» Probe with Contact sensor
» Low BNR self-calibrating probes
» Smart card �serial integrated controller

Technical Features:

Power : 230 V 50/60 Hz
Absorbed Power : 40 VA
Isolation Classification : I Type BF
Risk Classification : II B
Probe (safety Class) : IPX4
Timer : 1-30 minutes
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