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Physiotherapy Equipments
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Wax Bath
Wax Bath

» With temperature control, Auto cut-off, to accommodate 6 kgs of paraffin wax, complete with accessories including wax.
» Perforated steel plate to cover heating element for safety of patient.
» Mounted on high quality castor.
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Contrast Bath
Contrast Bath

Download Brochure: Contrast Bath
» Suitable for treatment of arms and legs.
» Two Stainless steel heavy gauge tanks 15x17x19.
» One tank fitted with special heating unit and other with heavy duty cooling unit. Each tank is well insulated and provided with thermostat for temperature control, pilot lights and water outlet.
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Moist Heat Therapy
Moist Heat Therapy

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Cold Therapy
Cold Therapy

Download Brochure: Cold Therapy
» Made out of heavy gauge stainless steel sheet.
» Tank is fully insulated in between top and sides.
» Fitted with heavy duty cooling unit & thermostat for temperature control. A drain valve is provided for emptying. Mounted on 75mm dia. Ball bearing castors for easy mobility. Comes with SIX standard size Cold packs containing special gel. Finished bright inside and special paint finish outside. It completely simplifies the problem of Cold Therapy applications in physical-therapy departments
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Cryo Therapy
Cryo Therapy


Technical Features:

» Dimensions: 108 cms x 87 cms (deep) x 40 cms (length)
» Battery charger (12 V)
» Carbon Dioxide Pure Medical gas dry and bacteriostatic
» Control keyboard with ultrasensitive keys


  • Hyperbaric gaseous cryotherapy
  • Low temperature (-78° C) at very high speed pressure 50 bars by spraying Carbon dioxide microcrystals
  • Regulation of local hemostasis procures an immediate therapeutic response
  • Abrupt lowering of the skin temperature from 32°C to 2°C in 30 seconds, sensory receptors are stimulated
  • Contol Panel with Temperature display Application time. Battery charge indicator Optional CO2 cylinder.

  • Provides local and immediate relief to the Sportsperson form any injury indication. The Low temperature application gives a soothing sensation for the Athelete. Device induces cooling of skin by 5 and 2°C in 30 seconds by spaying and sublimating Carbon dioxide microcrystals at a very low temp. (-78°C) and at very high velocity. The powerful physical reaction induces a thermal shock..

    Analgesic effects: In 30 Seconds, inhibition of nociceptive receptors Immediate relief from pain.
    Anti inflammatory effects: Suppression of enzymes synthesis responsible for inflammation.
    Vasomotor effects: Intense drainage of blood and lymph and increase in flow rate associated with deep vasodialation.
    Myorelaxant effects: Relaxation of muscle fibres.


    » Functional rehabilitation: Muscle relaxation, Facilitation of Mobilization, Reduction of pain.
    » Traumatology: Sports Medicine Oedema, Hematoma, Sprain, Torn ligament, Torn Muscle.
    » Rhematology : Sciatica low back pain, Algodystrophy, Inflammatory and degenerative hematological disease, Periostitis, Tendinitos, Bursitis, etc.
    » Surgery (post operative care): Orthopaedic surgery, Maxillofacial and plastic surgery venous surgery.
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    Whirlpool Bath
    Whirlpool Bath

    Download Brochure: Whirlpool Bath
    » Heavy gauge stainless steel tank sturdily fabricated and right finished.
    » Provides effective hydro-massage of arms, hips, legs, knees and feet.
    » Mounted on heavy duty 10cm dia four ball bearing castors.
    » Comes complete with removable inside aluminium Seat & Arm rest.
    » Unit is fitted with a motorized turbine ejector and aerator on a spring loaded turbine elevator, digital thermometer, thermostat & immersion heater.
    » Provided with drain pipe for emptying.

    Inside measurements of tank 90cm long x 50cm wide x 70cm deep.
    No plumbing required.
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