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Hyper Therapy unit using RF electromagnetic fields for the treatment of musculo-skeletal disorders.
The innovative circuit system means that the required radio frequency can be transferred to obtain temperature increases of up to 40°, while maintaining very high safety levels.
The generator is controlled by the circuit activated by the temperature probe on the skin and temporarily lowers the energy produced. It will restore it when the measured value goes 0.5°C lower than the value set by the operator.
The unit body coupling is made with capacitive electrodes which are light and completely covered with high insulating power. Hypermed generates low frequency electromagnetic waves (3.5 MHz), with a high degree of penetration and modulated with fluctuating frequencies up to 500 MHz.

Hypertherapy can be successfully used to treat many musculo-skeletal disorders, especially:
1. Muscular spasms
2. Different types of tendinitis
3. Serous sacs and bands
4. Joints, sprains
5. Bone disorders (periostitis, arthrosis, fractures)
6. Neurology- increasing the pain threshold by direct heat action on nerve roots, and indirect action by stimulating endorphin secretion (plantar neuroma, canaliculus problems).
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