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It is a small, hand-held, hyper-stimulating device that has been proven effective in temporarily reducing, or eliminating, pain to joints, head, neck and other areas where chronic pain is typically encountered

Iceotherm works by applying both heat and cold simultaneously to the affected area creating maximum stimulation and overwhelming the nerves in the area to block out pain.

In addition, a vibrator and 4 LED"s (2 blue, 2 red) are engineered into in the small applicator head to add additional, point specific sensory stimulation.

The combination of these competing stimuli distracts the brain from the sensation of pain, providing 3 to 4 hours or more of relief.

As mentioned the Iceotherm has been proven more successful in treating localized and chronic pain, as opposed to diffuse and acute pain. Specific ailments that would be aided by the use of Iceotherm include:

» Osteoarthritis of the hands and other joints
» Tennis elbow, shoulder and knee, golf elbow and other chronic tendonitis conditions
» Chronic Musculoskeletal Pain
» Plantar Faciitis
» Neuropathic pain
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» It is a lightweight, compact battery operated, peristaltic pump that generates a wave-form motion.
» When worn firmly on the calf the Venowave produces upward volumetric displacement forcing blood from the feet and legs back to the heart.
» This increase in venous and lymph flow prevents blood pooling,
clot formation, and the debilitating effects of several chronic circulatory diseases.

Indications for Use :
As previously referenced the "Indications for Use" that were approved by The FDA in the United States and by Health Canada for the Venowave include:

» Management of the symptoms of post thrombotic syndrome (PTS)
» Prevention of deep vein thrombosis (DVT)
» Prevention of primary thrombosis
» Treatment of lymphedema
» Diminishing post-operative pain and swelling
» Treatment of leg swelling due to vascular insufficiency
» Treatment of varicose veins
» Treatment of chronic venous insufficiency
» Enhancing blood circulation
» Treatment of intermittent claudicating
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