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Locomotion (Locostation Therapy) (PHC)
Locomotion (Locostation Therapy)

a. Automated Locomotion therapy
b. Performance and Diagnoisitcs
c. Orthopaedic Rehabilitation
d. GAIT Analysis
e. Mobilization Geriatrics
f. Ergometric Treadmill training
g. Research and Science
h. Overall Health Promotion

Detailed Features:
a. Slip- free Drive: Woodway treadmill has salt-belt-technology design and tooth belt guided running surface. This design creates a slip-free acceleration with no jerk.
b. Absorption of the impact energy
c. Wearless operation: Wear- resistant, frictionless operation
d. Low power consumption
e. Adjustable handrails with height adjustable (74-104 cm) and width adjustable (40-100 cm).
f. Crossbar in the front of treadmill gives the patient an additional place to hold on.
g. Speed: The speed can be up to 25 km/h.The slip-free drive guarantees speed settings are accurate without any jerking.

a. Menu-driven operation
b. LCD touch screen for displaying and controlling all the functions of treadmill
c. Manual operation
d. 18 stored programmes
e. 200 built-in programs
f. Pulse control in all programs
g. Pulse Automation
h. Treadmill setup (Parameters)

Detailed Features:
1. Dynamic / Static Body weight support: The pre-assigned unloading weight of the
Dynamic system procides a homogeneous support during the entire GAIT cycle.
2. Symmetric / Asymmetric Support: With the two sided suspension and asymmetric
adjustable rope, it is possible to independently unload each side of the patient with
weight Support display on the either side.
3. One arm construction requires minimal space
4. Variable deviating point: Depending on the width of the patient�s shoulders, the
Suspension ropes can be adjusted.
5. Patient Harness

Automated locomotion therapy device with following salient features: Longer Therapy periods: As the manual therapy is exhausting for the therapist, LOKOHELP allows longer therapy periods per patient and more treatments.
1. Physiological GAIT pattern: During the entire treatment, the Gait pattern throughout is continuous and rhythmic.
2. Adjust of the patient�s Centre of Gravity: proper adjustment for each patient.
3. Multi functional Application system

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Gait & Motion Analysis (2D/3D) (PHC)
Gait & Motion Analysis (2D/3D)

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