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Physiotherapy Equipments
Suspension Aids
Suspension Frame With Accessories
Suspension Frame With Accessories

Download Brochure: Suspension Frame With Accessories
Accessories :

» 4 single hook with cleat and single rope.
» 2 single pulley with cleat and single rope.
» 2 double pulley with cleat, hook and double rope.
» One suspension handle.
» Four Suspension S Hooks.
» One Suspension Swivel Pulley.
» 4 Suspension Canvas Slings/ Limb.
» 2 Suspension Canvas for Trunk.
» 1 Suspension Canvas for Head.
» Two Suspension ankle straps.
» Eight suspension springs of different tension with rope.
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Suspension Bed
Suspension Bed

Download Brochure: Suspension Bed
» Tubular steel construction.
» Sizes 210cm long x 110cm wide; 190cm high.
» All welded steel rod mesh at the top for complete suspension with slings & ropes, hooks are provided on each side to hold suspension gear.
» Mesh facilitate suspension at any desired point in relation to the patient.
» Bed for suspension activities.
» Foam padded bed.
» An extra wide couch for use with suspension frame.
» Natural wood polish finish.
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